Contest FS1

Official Contest Rules:

By entering you agree that if you win a prize or cash, that you will take a photo with the prize and yourself in the photo, and that you will share the photo with us and on social media for us to use your likeness to promote that fact that there are real winners every month! Participants are limited to one entry per person per month, unless you are participating in the “Bring a Friend” contest in which you get an entry for each friend you bring into the wild spirit box club who subscribes as a result of you telling them about your good experiences being an actual subscribing member yourself. Up to 4 entries (one for each friend you bring) per month for the “Bring a Friend” (CS2) contest only, will be allowed. All other contests are only allowed one entry per person per month. By entering into this contest you agree that you are at least 18 years of age or older. You agree by submitting your entry that you are a willing participant in our contest and that you agree to these simple contest rules, our terms and conditions and privacy policy. We will NEVER sell ANY of your information to third party for any purpose whatsoever. By entering/submitting you further agree that we are allowed to contact you by social media, allowed to tag you on social media, to call, text, mail or email you regarding this contest or any other promotional discounts or offers we may have to offer. This is not a sweepstakes or telemarketing contest. Purchasing/subscribing will in no way improve your odds of winning. We cannot guess as to what the odds are because this is a new contest platform and we think participant odds will be great. These contests are essentially a marketing promotion and any winnings shall be considered a fee for advertising that we are paying or awarding to our subscribers and/or interested parties (you). We are sick of giving so much money away to FB for marketing we would rather pay you to help us spread the word! We are giving real money and items. This isn’t some junk contest so if you think that then bye Felicia, click the x! We aren’t some huge company and we can do this and write this and live this. Much love and good vibes always! If in any event, any part of these rules are determined to be unenforceable in any court of law, that portion is deemed to be deleted. These rules and all terms and conditions are subject to be changed/updated/amended by Wild Spirit Box LLC at any time without notice. Cheers and good luck!