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March Box!

Shipped March 1!

What was in the March box?

Subscribers pay only: $27- $33 (Depends on plan length)


No Hidden Costs, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! You will love this box! We work very hard to make sure of that!   😉

The Dittany online experience is like bringing Mother Earth with you while you shop! The word dittany itself refers to any number of aromatic plants formerly used medicinally as a tonic.

Every item is thoughtfully created with ingredients meant to enhance the mind and body of the user. Whether that be an aromatic blend of bath tea to aid you in sleep, or a blend of essential oils used to refresh and revitalize your living space, Dittany works diligently to bring you the very best beauty-care has to offer. – Read more

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February Box!

Shipped February 1!

What was in the February box?

Subscribers pay only: $27- $33 (Depends on plan length)


No Hidden Costs, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! You will love this box! We work very hard to make sure of that!   😉

January Box!

Shipped January 1!

What was in the January box?

Subscribers pay only: $27- $33 (Depends on plan length)


No Hidden Costs, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! You will love this box! We work very hard to make sure of that!   😉

January included a handmade macramé labradorite necklace by Kora!

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December Box!

Shipped December 1!

What was in the December box?

Subscribers pay only: $27- $33 (Depends on plan length)


No Hidden Costs, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! You will love this box! We work very hard to make sure of that!   😉

Gwyneth did an amazing job on dreamcatchers in the December box! Contact us for more info!

November Box!

Shipped out November 1!

What was in the November box?

November box retail value: $63.00!

Subscribers pay only: $27- $33 (Depends on plan length)


No Hidden Costs, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! You will love this box! We work very hard to make sure of that!   😉

November Featured Artist:


I am a Yoga instructor at Blue Lotus Healing Arts in a cool mountain town called Ruidoso, New Mexico. I work at an herbal retail store and I am schooling for massage therapy. Glass melting became a hobby of mine when my husband introduced me with his talent four years ago, I then took it upon myself to purchase a torch to continue learning. I taught myself how to make pendants and work with soft glass "so fun, I love it." My most recent glass pendants have been infused with ashes from a loved one for a loved one which has been such an honoring form of work. I am also honored to be a part of this wonderful idea of a Wild Spirit Box to spread New Mexico light all over!

If you would like to purchase any other pendants or want to check out my work follow me on:



Email Dasha

November items by Dasha will be similar to the handmade glasswork above

October Box

$60 valueSubscribers paid only $27 – $33

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Paid Upfront

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my shipping address?

Simply go to  your account HERE and be sure to check the box (see below) and click "save address" after you update the address or it won't save and your box would go to the wrong address.   :-/


What comes in the box?

Each month my amazing wife Tasha and I (mainly her...) work our hardest to find 5-7 cool items that we hand pick and send you for the low prices we negotiate with these awesome vendors! We are all about items that are EARTH FRIENDLY, HEALTHY, we love high quality ORGANIC items! Items such as Earrings, Essential Oils, Incense, Candles, Soaps, Lotions, Sunscreens, Bracelets, Pendants, Necklaces, Handmade Items, Teas, Shirts, Herbs, Socks, Candies, Massage Oils, All Sorts of Bags, Cute Purses, USEFUL ITEMS, Chapsticks and so much more !!!! Shipping is always FREE in the USA. Unbox your wild spirit every month and sign up today!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Yes we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! If you are not 100% satisfied with any items in the box just let us know and we will replace the item with a different item that suits you better (we even pay for shipping!). We treat our subscribers like family and that's why they stick around...   🙂    We also reserve the right to cancel your subscription if you are an unreasonable person and if we feel you abuse this awesome system we have. We still trust people and we may be crazy but we believe in karma too.

-  We offer this guarantee because we think this is how business should be done. Our business principals are still "old school" even though we are online. Use the replacement for HERE if you want to go that route. We are not offended that we can't read everyones mind. haha. We are still working on our mind reading skills... You can also 🙂

When are Wild Spirit Boxes shipped?

We ship out our monthly Wild Spirit Boxes on the 1st of each month unless the 1st falls on a weekend or Holiday.  🙂

eg. if you join in November, you are getting the December Box that ships Dec. 1. If you join in December you are getting the January Box that ships Jan. 1 and so on. If the upcoming box sells out (happens almost every month), then you get a past box for your FIRST BOX and then once you are subscribed you won't miss an upcoming box. We only buy a set amount of items and that is why they sell out. We can't over purchase too much because then we have too many items left over. It is a lot of balancing but that is life I suppose. Thanks for being a part of the Wild Spirit Fam!  Cheers!


How much is shipping?

Shipping is always FREE in the United States! For Canada citizens, an additional shipping charge of $12 per box will be added. We always ship our monthly boxes on the 1st, unless it is a Sunday or a holiday, in that case we send on the next available USPS business day. Shipping takes 2-3 days in most cases. International shipping is also available at a rate of $20 per box per month. It actually costs $25+ but we will eat $5 to share abroad like we have so far!

Does Wild Spirit Box make a good gift?

It sure will! People have bought Wild Spirit Boxes from us online and in person for all sorts of gifts. Baby showers, bridal showers, wedding gifts, birthdays, Christmas, mothers day etc.

100% Replacement Policy!

If you don't love one or more items we make it right for you 100% of the time! Just let us know HERE and we will take care of it for you. This replacement feature is for on-going subscribers only. Replacement item will be of a similar value to the item you wish to replace.  🙂

We cannot accept candy or snack items as returns.

Can I cancel once I sign up?

Absolutely! But did you know about our satisfaction guarantee (above)? Please check it out before you decide to leave us .   🙁

We would be sad to see you go but we will make the process as easy as possible for you. The easiest way to do it is by logging in to “My Account” on our website and you can easily manage your subscription and orders. You can also cancel by filling out the request to cancel or go "on hold" HERE. If you are for any reason charged after your request to cancel we will gladly process a refund for you and will ensure that you are not charged anymore. Renewals may be cancelled at anytime; however, for all 6, and 12 month subscriptions no partial refunds will be accepted upon the receipt of the first monthly box. Again, the renewal (subsequent charge) may be cancelled at any time, but a 6 or 12 month subscription will not receive a refund after receipt of the first month of the subscription. If you want to get a replacement item just go HERE.  🙂

Is it really worth $31-$47?

Haha absolutely... We are basically sharing these items at just about wholesale price! Shipping each box costs us about $6-7 alone, so if you are paying $31 per month on the annual prepaid plan and the items in each box cost us $24-$28 at wholesale price you are getting it at our actual cost. You would easily pay over twice this much retail and you would have to search like CRAZY to find the products on top of that, then you would need to pay separate shipping on each item! Most people see the amazing value, but if you are one of the FEW crazies that think the value isn't there... (this is for you) We challenge you to find each item (the exact same one) and add up the actual cost you would pay for it, plus the shipping it would take you to get it to you, then email links and screenshots of it all to us at and we will give you an awesome free bag that was handmade in Guatemala. Plus we may even offer you a job as a magician! Sorry but you're flat out incorrect for an absolute fact. Prove us wrong... Don't forget to account for the "man hours" that it takes, all to find out we were right all along. This is hard work finding these items. We are about to raise prices by $4-6  😉

Recent Price Change ?

Unfortunately due to increased cost of postage and the paper mills that make the box materials actually doubling the price on us, we finally had to face the fact, that there was no other option for us other than to pass on the increase, as much as we dreaded doing so…

A lot of folks who have been on the “grandfathered“ pricing were finally updated. We have been making up for the additional cost we have incurred on our "fixed cost" side, but it's literally been killing us slowly and it hasn't gone back to where it was... Even though it seems like a small difference $2.75 is really detrimental to us being able to provide these boxes for everyone since our maragins are so tiny. 

There have been many new challenges lately getting products and trying to juggle when our artisans can’t come through with these large orders of custom-made products as planned. That’s obviously our issue to deal with but it has been finally rippling down and effecting us.

We really greatly appreciate your business and sincerley value your experience. We sincerly apologize that we were not able to communicate the price increase more throughouly upfront. Being that there were so many people at different price points it would have been extremely difficult to convey in a uniform fashion to only select customers. We hope you understand and support our decision. Thank you so much for being part of our Wild Spirit Family!