You’re photo could be here 😜 ! This page and contests are a new thing and we will start posting photos and announcing winners on this page after we get photos from the November winners we just announced below.

* In November we had a whopping 37 people enter all of our website contests COMBINED! So the odds were kind of ridiculous. Good luck to all! 



November Contest Winners

1. Winner of the October Box contest is:

Julie R.

Photo coming soon

2. Winner of the November Box contest is:

Roxane Y.

Photo coming soon

3. Winner of the $100 worth of items contest:

Kristi L.

Photo coming soon

4. Winner of the Facebook free box contest is:

Ashlei S.

Thank you Ashlei! Ashlei is also a subscriber and we really appreciate her sharing this photo with us. So many people all over the US are excited to get their box each month, and we really love hearing from our subscribers and are so small that we can really make adjustments and do our best to make things better for our subscriber family and for the great companies and artisits we work with worldwide.